Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick restaurant Sketches

so i had to go to Hillsboro, TX to watch a brunch opening at a restaurant i work at, and was very bored the first day, so i stole the pen and pad of paper in my hotel and spent the whole second day sketching. these are what i came up with.
the drawing of the robot is of my Robot design i did during sophomore year CA at Ringling. although i got a terrible grade for his actual animation i love drawing him and trying out new things. the spaceman is actually my friend Scott McWhinnies design but i love drawing his characters and seeing what i can make them do.

and these are images inspired by what i was looking at while at Hillsboro. the first is my representation of the Hills College mascot the REBELS. i was looking at it at an odd angle and started drawing him and realized i was looking at the mascot wrong haha. but i still rolled with it and experimented with him. the Knight is from my Dragon Quest IX game i thought the costume was cool and just drew it in my bad drawing style haha


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